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Property Rights

The right to own, use and enjoy private property is a fundamental right, granted to us and protected by both the U.S. Constitution and the Oklahoma Constitution.  When those rights are affected or violated by a government entity or others, we are there to defend those rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Practice Areas

Eminent Domain

When a government entity takes private property for a public good, such as a turnpike, school, or utility easement, they are using the power of eminent domain.  Not all public uses are legitimate, and most initial offers for compensation do not take into account everything that is lost when someone loses their land to a public project.  We defend private property owners, and through the use of quality experts, like engineers and appraisers, and represent the owner's interest, evening the playing field and ensuring that the specific attributes of your property are considered and valued. 

Inverse Condemnation

Private property rights are a bundle of rights, and when a government entity or someone acting on their behalf violates any one of those rights, we are there to defend those owners.  Whether it is a taking by physical encroachment of the property, or a regulatory taking by enactment of a law or denial of a request, we can analyze your issue, explain your possible remedies, and pursue those remedies for you through an inverse condemnation lawsuit or a variety of other legal avenues.  We understand that property rights are fundamental rights, and we believe that protecting those rights are part of what makes America special. 

Private Property Disputes

The best way to get along as neighbors is to have clear boundaries.  Whether the issue is a fence line dispute, an access easement, or an overhanging tree damaging your property, we work hard to make sure private property rights are clearly defined between parties.  We believe that identifying issues, discussing them, and then enforcing them, either through an agreement or litigation, ensures that all parties are aware of their legal rights as well as their limitations.      

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