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Tribal Services

 Tribal citizens have unique issues and laws that affect their lives.  Whether it is an appearance in tribal court, land research for trust property, or simply understanding the unique interplay of federal, tribal, and state law, our experience in these areas puts our firm in a unique position to represent tribal citizens throughout the state of Oklahoma.


When crimes are committed on tribal lands, those cases are almost always prosecuted in tribal court.  Our attorneys have been appearing in tribal courts for decades, and we understand the practices and procedures followed by those Courts.  We defend these cases and ensure the rights of those prosecuted in tribal courts are protected. 


When parents or children are tribal citizens, their cases can usually be heard by the appropriate Tribal Court.  We represent parents and children, and serve as Guardian Ad Litem for families affected by these types of cases.

Estate Planning

Native Americans often have unique issues for estate planning, including ownership of trust property.  We can help you with simple forms and make sure your estate passes seemlessly to your hiers.  


Tribal citizen probate law requires a particular type of research, such as tracing Native ownership of property, often back to the original land patent deed.  We conduct this research and ensure that all lands are passed to the proper heirs.  

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